CA DMV Approved Teen Drivers Ed Course List

The list below includes many of the websites where you can find California approved, online driver education courses for teens. These schools all offer the 25-hour classroom portion of California drivers ed. Work on your schedule from any device; some of the schools even offer the course as a phone app. Don’t worry about catching a ride to driving school. Get the biggest part of your permit requirement completed your way from wherever you are. Mom will be glad to have one less place to take you!

Website Name License Phone
★★★★★ Online Drivers Ed with E4442 888-651-2886
★★★★★ I Drive Safely – Drivers Ed by eDriving E4496 866-388-9068
★★★★★ Aceable Drivers Ed in CA feat. Ace the Robot E2017 512-900-6837
★★★★★ California Driver’s Ed – MyImprov Edition E4611 800-660-8908
★★★★★ Teen Driving Course E1990 800-482-6593
★★★★★ iGottaDrive – CA Driver Education E4752 877-336-6872
★★★★ California Driver Ed Course E4608 888-349-8425
★★★★ California Teen Driving E4613 888-639-2812
★★★★ My California Permit Drivers Ed E3448 800-777-0133
★★★★ Teen Drivers Ed Online E4434 916-663-6573
★★★★ Teen Driver Education E4613 888-639-2714