DMV Approved California Online Traffic School List

The list below includes many of the websites where you can find California approved, online traffic schools. Why add the extra hassle of finding a classroom time that fits into your schedule when you can complete traffic school at your own pace from your own place?

This list represents some of the most respected and established providers in the state. We’ve done the searching for you so that you can spend less time Googling and more time traffic schooling. After all, isn’t getting this whole business over with what it’s all about?

Website Name License Phone
★★★★★ Online Drivers Ed with I Drive Safely E0138 800-723-1955
★★★★★ Aceable Traffic School in CA feat. Ace the Robot E0803 512-900-6837
★★★★★ California Traffic School – MyImprov Edition E1515 800-888-8526
★★★★★ Traffic School 101 E1988 800-373-7313
★★★★★ Traffic School To Go E1980 888-349-8425
★★★★★ Go To Traffic School E1990 888-329-7069
★★★★ Zip Through Traffic School E0245 415-689-6809
★★★★ Comedy Traffic School E0119 800-301-0060
★★★★ Traffic School Works E0630 800-340-5828
★★★★ Anytime Traffic School E0127 888-442-8866
★★★★ Good Bye Ticket E0318 800-439-8464
★★★★ E1393 800-691-5014
★★★★ Dummies Defensive Driving E0587 855-599-1696
★★★★ 100% Online Course E0676 866-373-0594
★★★★ Laugh and Learn Online E1935 877-644-0102
★★★★ Rush Traffic School E1972 866-774-7874
★★★★ Last Minute Traffic School E1704 877-203-0275
★★★★ CA Speeder E0625 877-494-9473
★★★★ Traffic School Lane E0552 800-304-4652
★★★★ 365 Online Traffic School E0331 877-859-9778
★★★★ Driving University E0407 877-937-4846