California Traffic School Online

Tickets happen, even to the nicest drivers. But to hear the state to talk about it, you would think anyone who has gotten a citation was a terrible person. Honestly, “Traffic Violator School” is not a very flattering term. However, attending California traffic school can be a good thing, whether you’re a “violator” or not. Drivers from Irvine to Sacramento are benefitting from completing a DMV approved course online. You can too!

CA DMV Traffic School is Good for Your Driving Record

Ticket dismissal is the number one reason people choose to take a traffic school course. Dismissing a ticket will prevent points are being added to a driving record. Adding points to a driving record will add to the cost of auto insurance and, if enough points are added, could result in a license suspension.

In California, drivers who have received a moving violation are eligible to keep the ticket off their record if:

• They hold a valid drivers license
• They were driving a non-commercial vehicle
• The offense was not a misdemeanor or drug/alcohol related
• They have not dismissed another ticket with traffic school in the last 18 months

Check with the court to ensure your eligibility before registering for traffic school.

California Traffic School Is Good for Your Wallet

Your insurance company uses your driving record to calculate what you will be charged for premiums. Keeping a ticket off your record will prevent you from paying for that ticket for years to come.

For some California drivers, it can be beneficial to take traffic school even if there is not a citation involved. Many auto insurance companies offer discounts to drivers who voluntarily complete a traffic school course. While these discounts are aimed mostly at teen drivers and those over age 55, drivers of any age should ask about this possible benefit. It could be that spending a few hours in traffic school could earn you some real money!

Online Traffic School California Is Good for Your Schedule

California traffic school is available to be taken in a traditional classroom or online. Most people opt for the convenience and flexibility of an online course as it can be completed from anywhere and customized to accommodate even the busiest schedule.

Whether you choose classroom or online traffic school California, it is important that you choose one that has been DMV approved. A course that is not been DMV approved cannot be used for ticket dismissal and, since that was your goal, we’d hate to see you waste your time.