CA DMV Approved Teen Drivers Ed

Firsts are cool. When you took your first steps it was awesome, at least for your mom. Tying your shoes for the first time was pretty neat, too. After all, it kept tripping over the laces. Your first time on a bicycle was exciting, but it could only take you so far. Of all the firsts, getting your first California driver’s license probably beats them all, but how do you do it?

California Drivers Ed Requirements

If you are at least 15½ years old, you can start the process to obtain a provisional permit. The process requires you to complete a California DMV approved drivers ed course and to pass a written test. If you are 17½, the drivers Ed requirement is waived, but you’ll still have to wait until your 18th birthday to take your driving test.

The drivers ed course includes 25 hours of classroom instruction and six hours of behind the wheel training with a professional driving instructor. To get an idea of what will be covered in the classroom portion of the course, there is a free online curriculum available on the Department of Motor Vehicle website.

How Can I Get to a California Drivers Ed Class without a California Driver’s License?

Good point. Unless you have a parent or friend who can commit to take you, it may take you longer than you’d like to complete your course.

No worries, here’s some good news.

The state of California will allow driving candidates to complete the classroom portion of drivers ed online. This will allow you to complete the course at a pace and on a schedule that fits both you and your family. Of course, you can’t do the behind the wheel portion online, but it will be easier for mom to find time to take you somewhere for six hours instead of 30.

If you have it done much searching yet, let me warn you. Googling “California drivers ed” will give you roughly 8 gazillion prospective online course providers. The most important thing to look for when you’re deciding is whether the course they offer is CA DMV approved. If it isn’t (or you can’t tell right away if it is) move on to the next one. Otherwise, you’ll wind up spending money and time and still be no closer to a permit.

If you’d like to save some time searching, we’ve assembled the best DMV approved online drivers ed providers all in one place. We’ve done all the weeding for you. All you have to do is pick one and get going.

Congratulations on getting started with your next first. Can’t wait to see you out on the road!